Behind The Brand

Misty Angelique Smith is the sixth of eight children. During her childhood, her mother noticed she had a natural gift with her hands in the art of hairstyling. A consistent traffic of family and friends filled her parents’ home on a regular basis to receive Misty’s artistic stylings. It was this support that gave her the foundation and confidence to pursue the field of cosmetology. With the support from family and close friends, she began her journey in the beauty industry. Shortly after, she pursued higher education in Small Business Entrepreneurship and Business Administration.

Being bitten by the entrepreneurial bug shortly after receiving her credentials as a licensed cosmetologist, she went from opening her own salon to managing a corporate salon and now is the Founder of Authentically Branded Solutions. The opening of her salon was the catalyst that redirected Misty’s purpose forever. It became a common place for her patrons not only to inquire of her professional skills as a stylist, but her wisdom as well. She found herself speaking in the lives of women on a range of subjects that spanned from personal issues to professional. She began to see how life's cares and worries can entrap you in a cocoon of disillusionment. It became abundantly clear that these women were beautiful butterflies trapped in these cocoons. But the greater revelation Misty realized was that she too was one of those trapped butterflies.

This was the spark that burned into a flame to share this revelation with women of all ages. It is her endeavor to encourage and help women realize their inner beauty while addressing their authentic self and all that encompass outer beauty.

“With the marketing frenzy in the beauty industry being at its all-time high, I understand the frustration of searching for the right product. During my days actively behind the chair, it brought me such joy to help individuals achieve their hair goals. By assessing their needs, I took into consideration their active lifestyle, career, diet, etc. to create obtainable milestones to reach during their hair care journey. During the consultation stage, there's been many times where customers assumed that I catered to a certain hair type, texture, and/or ethnicity. Quite the contrary, having a multicultural background served as an advantage for me. I've been blessed to perform many and just about every service with women in my immediate and extended family, host of friends with various ethnic background and completely different hair texture. While being stereotyped as young as I can remember, I would have comments thrown at me like, 'you wouldn't understand my hair struggle' or 'you don't have to ever worry about chemically treating your hair' or my all-time favorite is 'you have that good hair!' What? Good hair? In my humble opinion, all hair is "good hair." Healthy hair by far surpasses the stereotype. With that, I wanted non-discriminatory products that creates an experience of beauty beyond the bottle; educating to the point of execution. My goal is for women to see, no matter the texture, that healthy hair starts with understanding the foundation of properly caring for their hair. Authentically Branded is clinically proven to improve the health and condition of the hair. Right after the initial use, you will notice the improvement of your hair. We all know that healthy hair starts within; however, externally the foundation of hair care starts with providing our hair with what’s needed in the cleansing and conditioning process. AB cleansers and conditioners are gentle and infused with silk proteins, essential nutrients, amino acids and deep penetrating properties of minerals with botanical protein catalysts to deliver proper hair nutrition. Your hair will become noticeably manageable, shinier, stronger, and smoother. Over time you will begin to see that less styling agents will be needed in order to give your hair an authentic healthy appearance that we long for. Healthy hair is beautiful hair and I want my AB family to absolutely love their Authentically Beautiful hair!”

Along with that Misty is devoted to teaching entrepreneurs how to authentically brand themselves and their businesses by putting their marketing efforts on autopilot through authenticity that creates a meaningful and successful authentic business.

She developed a proven step-by-step system to show other entrepreneurs exactly how to achieve their dreams. Through her courses, workshops and coaching programs, Misty is dedicated to show others how to live their dream and create a life they love.

Her key message is that each of us was created with an authentic gift and we are authorized to utilize our talent by introducing it to the world in a big way and be rewarded even greater. That’s her authentic story, her life, her truth.

Although she absolutely loves all that she puts her hands to do, her family brings her the greatest joy. She and her husband Quincy just celebrated 19 years of marriage and have four beautiful children, Maria 24, Napoleon 21, Iralyn 18 and Nino 16. She decided since the birth of her first born child that she will remain committed in playing an active role in her children’s life that exemplifies a lifestyle to be duplicated by them and in the lives of others.

Strongly committed to delivering lasting healthy results, Misty Angelique continuously researches new formulas to improve AB’s current line of products with plans to expand with new products that will better serve the widely diverse customer base seeking proven results. Thoroughly devoted to customer satisfaction, she continues to seek quality solutions to nurture authentic beauty. STAY TUNED!