Your Technology Addiction May Be Harming Your Skin

If you’re like the majority of people, you are on some form of technology off and on all day, every day. Whether you’re at work and on a computer from 9-5:00, checking social media on your cell phone throughout the day, or constantly making and taking phone calls, our technology addiction may be doing some major damage to our skin. Check out these daily habits we’re all guilty of and what they do to your skin. They are guaranteed to make you ponder and maybe even get you to unplug every now and then.

Squinting at Your Computer

Staring at your computer all day can take a toll on your eyesight but when you squint, it takes a toll on the skin surrounding your eyes. This constant squinting can cause crow’s feet and other wrinkles around your eyes. It can also give you what are called bunny lines, or lines around the bridge of your nose. Try to avoid these fine lines and wrinkles from forming by increasing your font size so it’s easier to read or adjusting the brightness of your phone, tablet, or computer.

Looking Down at Your Phone

We should only be talking about turkeys if we are visiting a farm, not when describing how our neck looks. Turkey neck (now sometimes referred to as ‘text neck’) occurs when you are constantly looking down, like how you usually are when you are looking at your phone. It happens because this constant position causes collagen in your neck to break down. Try protecting the skin on your neck by applying a good amount of SPF and moisturizer on a daily basis. Also, try keeping your phone at eye level. This will keep you from looking down all the time.

Talking on Your Phone

When is the last time you cleaned your phone? Can’t remember? Never? Believe us, you’re not alone! However, failing to clean your phone is leaving you susceptible to acne breakouts. Your phone is loaded with germs and when you are on the phone, the germs easily transfer to your skin. This means the area from your temple to your chin is more likely to break out. The solution? Regularly clean your phone screen to rid it of those acne causing germs.

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