Your How-To Guide: Flat Ironing

Straight hair can be super easy to get in the comfort of your own home if you have a ceramic flat iron and know the right technique. Follow the steps below and you’ll be properly straightening your hair in no time flat!

Prep Your Hair

  • Wash and condition your hair with products that are going to moisturize and/or that are designed to for straight and sleek hair.
  • After showering, pat your hair dry versus rubbing it dry with a towel. This will help prevent extra frizz.
  • Apply a thermal protection spray while hair is still damp, such as Authentically Branded’s Thermal Styling Protectant Spray.
  • Blow dry your hair. You want your hair as dry as possible before using a flat iron so you don’t shock and damage your hair. Blow dry your hair with the dryer on the lowest heat setting and with the dryer pointed downward.

The Technique

  • Once you have turned the iron on, make sure it is on the correct heat setting (below 300 degrees for fine, damaged, or chemically treated hair; 300-380 degrees for normal hair; 350-400 degrees for coarse or curly hair).
  • Work in small sections. It’s easiest to do this if you pin your hair back to keep it out of the way.
  • Start with the straightener as close to your scalp as possible without burning yourself (so about an inch away from your scalp). Clamp the iron down and run it down the section of hair. Do not hold the iron in one spot for too long. This will not only leave a crimp in your hair, but it could cause your hair to be damaged, or in some cases actually break off.
  • Work small section by section until all pieces are straight.


  • To lock in your straight hair, set your blow dryer on the cool setting and gently blow the air over your hair. You may also want to run a brush through your hair as you are doing this step.
  • Apply a setting spray to keep all of your hard work set for the day. This spray should also help protect against frizz and leave your hair shiny.
  • Try to protect your hair against humidity. The humidity will make your hair frizz up again.

Follow these easy steps and you’ll be flat ironing like a pro! Like this article? Visit our Facebook page to see more great tips and to learn about our great hair and skin care products!

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