Why You Should Be Choosing Sulfate Free Products

You might have heard the buzz going around about the beauty industry starting to switch over to sulfate free products, especially shampoos and conditioners! We’ve been promoting the benefits of going sulfate free for a long time, but what are sulfates and why are they bad for you?

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is used in many products such as shampoos, conditioners, facial cleansers, and even in cleaning products such as heavy degreasers used to clean mechanics shop floors. Sulfate is not only responsible for giving you that lather that you’ve become accustom to, but it’s also used because it cuts through grease.

Since sulfate cuts through grease and gives you good lather, you might think it’s the ideal thing to have in your grooming products but actually, sulfate can be very irritating to the scalp and skin. Sulfate can also damage hair follicles, cause frizziness, and damage color treated hair. Have you ever had shampoo get in your eye and have it burn? It’s likely the sulfate causing that problem too.

By using hair products that are sulfate free, not only are you avoiding scalp and skin irritation, but you are increasing the retention of water and natural oils in your hair. If you dye your hair, sulfate free shampoo and conditioner can help you retain your color for longer periods of time. The shampoo will gently wash your hair without stripping any of its natural or temporary makeup (for example, hair dye). Lastly, any product used on your hair or skin can get absorbed by the body. While it’s under investigation, when absorbed, sulfate can be harmful to your body, especially if it makes its way to the liver.

Now you know all of the risks and benefits of using sulfate free products so why not head over to our site and check out all the great products we have to offer? All are sulfate free and will give you great results! Visit our website at or our Facebook page to learn all about our great, healthy products!


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