We all have heard the saying “you are what you eat” but did you know that cookie you’re enjoying or that glass of wine could be affecting way more than your weight and your health? It could be doing some major damage to your skin. Check out how these foods can be affecting your face and see if you find yourself falling into any of these categories.

The Face of Dairy

​Symptoms: ​Swollen eyelids, dark under eyes, bags under eye, widespread acne and blemishes, pimples on the chin, and pale cheeks

What It Means: Even if you’re not lactose intolerant, that extra splash of cream you put into your coffee or scoop of ice cream you’re having for dessert could be doing some harm to your complexion. As you age, you lose the enzymes that allow you to digest lactose properly, leading to inflammation in your body, including your face, leaving you looking tired and red. If you find that you have the symptoms described above, try taking a break from dairy for a couple of weeks and see if your symptoms improve.

The Face of Sugar

Symptoms: Sagging under the eyes, lines/wrinkles on the upper forehead, thinning of the skin, a complexion that is dark gray or pasty white, widespread blemishes, and pustular or cystic acne

What It Means: Sugar is really bad for your health, we know that, but it can also really mess with your skin. Excess glucose molecules cling to your collagen which in turn distorts it and causes it to be stiff, a process called glycation. If you’re sick of seeing fine lines and spots, it’s best to avoid sugar as often as possible. We know it’s impossible to avoid it all together but remember, moderation is key!

The Face of Wine

Symptoms: Droopy eyelids, pronounced fine lines and wrinkles underneath the eyes or between the eyebrows, dehydrated skin with feathery lines across the cheeks, enlarged pores, and a reddish skin tone​

​What It Means: Drinking red wine has plenty of health benefits, when consumed in moderation. However, it can also take a big toll on your skin. Not only is wine full of sugar, but it is also dehydrating. As your body loses water, your liver is overworked and your digestion goes nuts the day after indulging in alcohol, leaving your skin looking wrinkled and saggy. It’s recommended that you take a break from consuming wine for three weeks and then follow and 80:20 rule – enjoy a glass of wine 20% of the time but completely avoid it the other 80%.

Did your face fit into any of these categories mentioned above? Are you ready to make the changes necessary to get your glowing complexion back? We’d love to hear from you so head over to our Facebook page and let us know what you think!

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