Your mama always said, “Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!” You know it’s important to moisturize your skin and that your skin can dry out if you don’t, but did you know all of the other bad things that can happen when you skip this part of your beauty routine?

1. Your complexion will look dull and flaky, especially when the temps drop.

During the winter months, humidity levels take a nose dive and the dry air can easily dehydrate your skin. Skin can also be stripped of lipids (an important part of the protective outer layer), so irritants can easily enter the skin causing redness and flaking.

2. Acne will be aggravated.

When you have acne, moisturizer is your friend! Dryness makes acne worse but if you’re afraid a moisturizer will make your skin too greasy, pick one that works best on acne-prone skin like one that is oil-free and fragrance-free.

3. You could gain more wrinkles.

Skipping moisturizer today could lead to deeper wrinkles later on. When skin becomes dry, it means your skin barrier is compromised and there’s a low-grade inflammation going on in the skin. If inflammation is ongoing, it ultimately leads to a breakdown of collagen and accelerates the signs of aging.

4. Your existing wrinkles will look even worse.

Have fine lines? Well, skipping your moisturizer will make them more pronounced. Skin that is dehydrated shows all the lines. Looking to make fine lines less prominent? Use a moisturizer such as Authentically Branded’s Restorative Hydrating Mist that contains hyaluronic acid. It will help plump up the skin and can be used on all skin types.

5. Your makeup won’t look as good.

To get a flawless look when applying your makeup, it’s very important to moisturize beforehand. Makeup tends to stick to dry areas of the skin and will seep into fine lines. For optimal results, apply your moisturizer then wait about 5 minutes before applying foundation or any other makeup.

6. You lose a layer of protection.

Many of the ingredients found in skin care can be very drying to the skin. It’s important to follow their use with a good moisturizer so you don’t suffer any side effects like red, peeling skin.

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