The summer months tend to be the most popular time of the year for people to get hitched. Brides are in full swing with planning every last detail and many are still trying to lock in their hair stylists, nail artists, and makeup artists for the big day and the events that lead up to it. Take advantage of all the earning potential this season has to offer.

Brides know what they want for their big day when it comes to those handling their hair and makeup, but do you? Here’s the run down:

Are you mobile?

Sometimes brides would rather get ready with their whole bridal party in a relaxed environment, such as a hotel suite. There are also destination weddings and the bride may be unfamiliar with the town but still in need of a hair stylist. Are you mobile? Would you be able to come to them and bring all of your equipment needed? Would there be additional fees for you coming to them? If you are willing to travel, noting that when you advertise could put you at a huge advantage over other stylists and artists.

Can you handle a diverse clientele?

Often times, every person in the bridal party is not of the same ethnic background and that may pose a problem for everyone getting their hair done at the same salon. If you are familiar with having a diverse clientele, let that fact shine! That can be a huge draw because everyone could go to the same salon and get similar looks. If you are a makeup artist, showcase that you have foundations, concealers, and makeup tones that work on all skin colors. This can relieve a lot of stress from the bride and her bridal party. Best of all, no one has to feel left out or like they are on their own getting pampered on the big day.

Are you reputable?

When it comes to planning a wedding, the bride is often worried about getting skunked on the big day. Nothing can wreck the look of “the perfect bride” faster than having a hair stylist or makeup artists that flakes out last minute. One way to prove that you are reputable besides having awesome reviews and testimonials is to partner up with local wedding professionals in your area and do some cross-promotion. The bride and groom will be visiting venues, florists, cake shops, etc. so see if you can put your business cards or posters promoting your business in their locations. Offer to showcase their flyers or business cards in your salon as well.  It’s a win-win!

Are your prices posted online?

No one likes having to dig around for information or waste their time calling a bunch of businesses to compare prices. If possible, have a tab on your website dedicated to weddings and include pricing tiers for the bride, groom, and bridal party. That way, the bride can see all of the information at a glance, rather than getting frustrated or skipping your salon altogether.

Can I see pictures of your work?]

Pictures can often time sell things better than words. Make sure to have pictures of bridal hair styles posted on your social media accounts, as well as your website. Include bridal party looks and a groomed groom. This is a great time to give your makeup artist a shout out along with your manicurist. Encourage them to do the same things on their social media accounts and business will be booming!

All brides want to feel pampered, loved, and beautiful the day of their wedding. The key is to let them know that you can service all of their needs and that you will provide a wonderful experience. A girl’s wedding day is something she looked forward to her whole life, so let her know she’s in good hands.

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