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Eye-catching images are the biggest way to get your social media posts noticed. When you have great, profound images, it’s guaranteed to make people pause for a moment and take in what you are sharing. It can be overwhelming when you are trying to decide what tool to use when creating your images, so let me break them down for you.


Looking for branded graphics in the span of a few minutes? This is for you! It offers pre-designed templates as well as professional grade elements and layouts. With Relay, you never have to worry about platform sizes because they take care of that headache for you. Simply choose the layout, your colors, fonts, and other elements to create a branded, appealing image.

Word Swag

Creating an eye-catching image has never been easier. Select an image from their database of almost 300,000 free images, backgrounds, and templates (or upload one of your own), then add your text. In a matter of a couple of minutes, you have a beautiful, professional image that is ready to post.


Quotes are easily the most shares post on social media. Instead of just posting text, adding a quote to a visually appealing image will yield greater engagement. QuotesCover offers a huge selection of templates, backgrounds, and fonts and will help you customize your image. They even offer a quote library that you can browse.


Pixlr has a similar interface to Photoshop but is much easier to use. You can use Pixlr to edit existing photos or create a custom design. There aren’t any pre-designed templates though, so this is a good tool for someone with some design skills.


This doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles like the other tools offer, but it does one thing simply: turns your text into a shareable graphic. It’s very easy to use and is probably the quickest tool.


PicMonkey tends to offer a happy medium between PhotoShop and Recite. It’s easy to use and you can choose various effects, sizes, etc.

Adobe Post

For those who have some design background, this new app is for you! You can choose your layout, search images, add elements or text and further customize your graphic. It’s great.


Turn your mobile device into a portable graphic studio! This photo-editing app makes adding text, backgrounds, and fonts super easy to do. You can then post the image directly onto your social media platform.

Always keep in mind that we are visual creatures. We appreciate a good image that catches our eye. It makes us pause and engage with what you shared. Taking a moment to jazz up your quotes or otherwise plain images will go a long way on social media.

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