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One thing that can slap us in the face is being hit with backlash, either in the form of written comments or lack of engagement, when you just aren’t hitting the mark on what you post on your social media account.

Your social media platforms should let your followers know what you are all about. Your posts should relate to your industry and give insights into the type of work you do and the vibe of your establishment. They should carry the essence of who you are. If you are a hairstylist in a salon, your posts should reflect that. Posting about hair trends, hot hair colors, new cutting techniques, timely specials, and before and after pictures are all perfect things to share on your social media accounts. This is not a place to share the latest funny cat video or discuss politics. After all, your follows are visiting this page because they are interested in your professional services.

There are different blunders that people make all the time that is driving away their followers and their business. Before you put your fingers on the keyboard, think about these common social media mistakes and double check that you aren’t about to fall into these social media no-no’s.


Yeah, yeah, we all laughed really hard when we saw the singing parrot but is that something that your clients are coming to your business page to see? Not likely. Make sure that you share content that can somehow be related back to your core purpose and on social media it’s to drive awareness and traffic into your chair.


Clients use social media platforms as a means to cut out any middle-men and get straight to the “big guy”. If they leave you a comment or send you a message, get back to them in a timely fashion. This is the way that they can reach you and go straight to you so let them know you take what they have to say seriously and that you appreciate them. When you leave customers in the lurch and don’t acknowledge their presence, it can turn a beautiful relationship into one of negativity and resentment. Take two minutes out of your day to respond to them and keep the goodwill alive.


Clients want to feel that they have formed a relationship of sorts with you and your business. We’ve all encountered businesses that make you feel that you are just another customer to them and that they are only worried about the sale. Don’t be that business. Don’t make every post about a product or service that you are offering. When you do that, it makes it seem that all you care about is the bottom line and that will not lead to lifelong clientele.

Posting on social media can take some getting used to. It takes time to see what works and what doesn’t. Keep in mind that even if you do the exact same thing another salon is doing, it might not work for your audience and your marketing plan may need to be adjusted. That’s ok! Don’t get discouraged. We’ve been there and have worked through all of these growing pains in the past. If you would like some help getting started on social media, or are looking for a company that can manage your accounts, please reach out to us here.

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