Tips for Transitioning to Natural Hair

Transitioning to natural hair can be an exciting time and also a trying time. It’s hard to find styles that work as your natural hair grows in. It can be a frustrating time for many but the payoff is worth the time and energy! Here are some tips to help you through your transition:

Take time to choose the right styles for your hair.

Trying to figure out which hairstyle works for you while transitioning can be one of your biggest challenges. It’s best to find hairstyles that help blend the two textures, such as twist and curls, braid and curls, and rod sets (perm rods or flexi rods). Check out YouTube for loads of how-to videos in any style you can dream of.

Be realistic with your expectations.

Take time to figure out your hair type and see what it likes and doesn’t like. Determine what your hair can do and what it can’t. Don’t expect to have hair like someone you saw on a blog or in a magazine because your texture might be different than theirs. It’s all about trial and error. You have to take time to play around with your hair and different styles until you find some that work. Don’t get upset if you try something and it doesn’t pan out how you thought it would. It’s all part of the process.   

Take time to develop a good hair care regimen.

Make sure you are using good products (check out our Authentically Branded Hair Care Line) and that you are not only cleansing your hair, but that you are moisturizing and conditioning it as well. When detangling your hair, make sure to do so gently. You may want to first start by finger detangling your locks and then use a wide tooth comb. Remember, you can have major breakage at the point where your natural hair and your relaxed hair meet so pay close attention, especially when in that zone.  

Have patience.

Dealing with two different textures can be annoying and hard to deal with but stick it out. Transitioning your hair requires a lot of time and patience. As your hair grows, you can have the relaxed ends trimmed off and pretty soon, you’ll be all natural and will only be working with one texture.  

Have any questions regarding transitioning? Message us on our Facebook page and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process or answer any questions you may have!

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