Did you know you could be doing major harm to your hair without even knowing it? Check out the offenders listed below and see if you find yourself doing any of these hair no-no’s on the regular.

You’re Using Old Styling Tools

It’s easy to skip cleaning the hair out of your brushes, but they get chock full of germs and other residue that you definitely don’t want in your hair. The best thing is to remove the hair from the brush each day and then once a month, clean your brushes and combs out. To make a good brush cleanser: combine a little baking soda with water and dissolve well. Soak your brushes and combs for a few minutes and thoroughly rinse.

You’re Using a Rough Elastic Band

We all love a good pony, but using a rough, dense, thin hair tie all the time could be doing major damage. It can irritate your hair, leaving it broken, especially when pulled too tight. Try to keep to a looser ‘do and you’ll skip out on the damage that these bands can cause.

You Get Too Many Chemical Treatments

Too much coloring, relaxing, or any other chemical treatments will leave your hair damaged and breaking. It’s best to limit these types of treatments or at least ask your stylist if your hair is healthy enough go through them. They might suggest it’s best to take a break or do some damage control first.

You’re Using Too Much Heat

Excess heat will rid hair of any moisture it has and will cause your cuticles to dry and snap off. A good rule of thumb is the less heat the better, so start off low and only increase it when you hit a stubborn section of hair. Always, always use a heat protectant spray, like Authentically Branded’s Thermal Styling Protectant Spray as well! This will help act as a shield for your hair against the high heat.

You Skip Haircuts

Going too long between cuts can leave you with split ends, and those split ends tend to get worse as time goes on. It’s best to get a trim every 6 weeks to keep your hair healthy and strong.

You Start Brushing at the Roots

When you start brushing or combing your hair at the roots, you risk hitting bigger snags and causing major breakage. It’s best to start at the ends, working out any knots and snaggles, and work your way up the hair shaft to the root. Pay close attention when brushing or combing wet hair too because hair is at its most fragile state when wet and being too rough will lead to damage.

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