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I hope that the answer is YES! If you’re not already on the blogging bandwagon, let me point out just a few of the reasons why blogging is so essential to businesses today.

Blogging generates a flow of traffic to your website.

Everyone who has a website has the same desire: to drive more traffic to the site and then in turn, convert the traffic into sales. Blogs can help you do that in a big way!

Every time you add anything to your website, including a blog post, it’s one more chance that you will show up in a search engine when someone types in key words related to your business. Organic reach is the most wonderful thing to an entrepreneur’s ears when it comes to the online world, and popping up in search engines is a fantastic way to generate traffic organically.

Picture how much content is shared on social media. One person finds something of interest so they share it. Their friend finds it funny or interesting, so they share it with their friends. With good content, this goes on and on. Captivating blog posts are a great way to get your posts (and business) in front of lots of people.

Traffic Leads

Your blog posts helped get people to your website and now you have an opportunity to turn that traffic into leads. Think of something that would be seen as added value to those who are visiting your site. Is it a webinar? Newsletter? eBook? Fact sheets? Put yourself in the mind of your target audience and think about what would draw them in. This should be something so valuable that they are willing to exchange their personal information for it.

Once you have come up with your free offer, create a landing page which contains areas for them to fill in their contact information. Then, once you have received their information, you email them their free content.

Every blog post you make should have a call-to-action at the closing of the post. You don’t want to have someone all engaged in your blog post and then lose that valuable potential customer right at the end by not asking them to initiate further contact with your business.

Blogging makes you an authority.

When you blog, you regularly position yourself as the top dog in the industry. It lets existing and potential customers know that you know your business, inside and out. When someone is seeking out a company, they want to know they are doing business with someone who is seen as the best in the business. By answering questions, sharing knowledge, and providing insights, you position your business as the authority.

Blogging Yields Long-Term Results

As I mentioned earlier, when you post a blog, you are adding another index onto your website. Therefore, you are more likely to appear in search engines, and be seen by more people. Let me show you how this turns into long-term results:

You post a blog on Monday and it generates 200 views and 25 leads. You are thrilled. Tuesday, people are coming across it on social media because people have liked and shared it. They are also finding it when doing a Google search. That day, you generate 100 views and 10 leads. After a few days, the views and leads starts to slow as people are on to new things. The good thing is that the blog post will continue to pop up in search engines for some time because it is ranking. So those 300 views you had in the first 2 days still is turning into thousands of views and hundreds of leads in the future. It’s a great way to invest today and yield results for years to come.

Blogging is such an important part of online marketing. If you already have a blog, have you found it to be a successful part of your marketing plan? I would love to hear what worked and what didn’t so head over to my Facebook page and let’s chat!

If you are just starting out on building your business and would like to have some input from someone who has been right where you are, reach out to me. I have a step-by-step system that has helped countless others who were in your shoes. Together, I know we can take your business to the next level and start bringing in the income you have always dreamed of.


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