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The Only Guide You Need For Perfecting Your Twist Out

If you’re a lady with natural hair, you may be looking for ways to get those perfect, elongated, defined curls and a twist out is the way to go! You may have even heard people say they get their beautiful curls by doing a twist out but you had no idea what it is. A twist out is just what it sounds like: twisting the hair in sections, letting it dry, and then removing the twists to reveal amazing, perfectly defined curls. We’ll teach you how to get the perfect twist out in just ten simple steps!

1. Trim your ends, if needed.

A twist out will only look as good as the hair its being done on, so make sure it’s healthy. That includes trimming ends that are split, dead, or damaged.

2. Wash and condition your hair.

Use a good, cleansing shampoo such as Authentically Branded’s Curly Hair Cleanse and then follow with the Curly Hair Conditioner.


3. Part hair and detangle.

Separate your hair into four equal sections. This not only helps make it easier to detangle, but it will help you create your twists. Apply a detangling product, such as Authentically Branded’s Leave-In Protein. It will not only nourish your hair, but it will allow you to detangle with ease. Detangle each section using your fingers or a wide tooth comb.

4. Apply a hair moisturizer and a natural oil.

Now that your hair is detangled and still in four sections, work a good moisturizer through your hair, starting at the ends and working up to the root. We recommend the Curly Amplifying Crème, followed by All Natural Treatment Oil.

5. Take one section and break it into smaller sections.

The size of these smaller sections is going to depend on how big (or small) you want your twists to be. Now, you’re going to start making your twists. Twist the small section of hair tautly – apply some pressure but take care not to pull or twist too tightly. Twist your hair all the way to the end. Continue this step until all hair is in twists. If you want extra length and elongated curls, stretch the twists over your head and secure with a bobby pin. This will keep the hair in a stretched state while it’s drying and you’ll have more length and less shrinkage when you take the twists out.

6. Allow hair to dry, overnight if possible.

Wrap your hair in a scarf to secure and protect the twists. Then, let hair dry. The best way to do this is to let hair dry overnight while you sleep. If you remove the twists when hair is still wet, you risk getting frizzy results and your hair could revert to its natural curl pattern in areas.

7. Remove the twists.

Apply a natural oil to your fingers before taking down the twists. We recommend Authentically Branded’s All Natural Treatment Oil. It will hydrate your locks and will leave the curls with incredible shine. To take down the twists, simply unravel them in the opposite direction they were twisted in.

8. Separate the twists.

Once each twist is unraveled, go in-between each one to separate. You will probably notice where the twist wants to naturally separate so work with it and separate in those spots. Do this gently to avoid frizz or losing definition.

9. Hide any parts.

Using a pic or rat tail comb, fluff the roots of your hair. You only need to do this step if you have noticeable parts that are showing. Keep in mind, the more you fluff, the less definition you will have and you may only be able to make this style last a day or two.

10. Maintenance.

At bedtime, you will want to wrap your hair in a scarf. You may choose to retwist your hair if you are worried about it frizzing up overnight, but take care not to add too much product. You don’t want your hair to get weighed down or feel greasy from using too much product.

And there you have it! Ten steps to the perfect twist out! Trying a twist out for the first time after reading this? Upload a pic to our Facebook page so we can see how it turned out! We always love hearing from you!

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