When you go to a salon to pamper yourself and get your hair colored, you are sure to spend a pretty penny. 

You leave the salon feeling like a million bucks but the bummer sets in when you realize that even as soon as the first shampoo, your hair color starts to fade. All that money spent is literally being washed down the drain and it can be so frustrating! Good news though – there are some things you can do here and there that will help stretch the life of your hair color so you get more bang for your buck.

Shampoo a little less.
Your stylist will likely tell you not to wash your hair for up to 48 hours after getting it colored. Shampoo’s can be your own worst enemy with freshly colored hair so when you do shampoo, pick a product that is gentle and nourishing for your strands, and one that is preferably sulfate-free. AB’s Silky Cleanse and Conditioner are gentle enough to be used on colored hair and won’t harshly strip the color.

Use warm, not hot, water.
Nothing feels better than a nice hot shower but it really takes a toll on your hair. When you shower, make the water a little cooler so that you are showering with warm water instead. Not only will your skin retain its moisture but the cooler water will allow your hair cuticle to only partially open. The more open your cuticle, the more your hair color freely rinses out. At the end of your shower, try to do a last rinse with cold water (or as cool as you can handle) to seal the cuticle shut, locking in your color and much needed moisture.

Protect your hair.
Most of us use some type of heat styling tools every day. First, make sure you apply a thermal styling protectant spray to your hair. This will help shield the hair from the damage hot tools can do and strong, protected hair is hair that will hold onto color longer. Speaking of heat tools, try hard to avoid using them for the first 5-7 days after getting your hair colored. Hair dryers, curling irons, flat irons, etc. all actually accelerate the rate at which hair color fades so avoid them as best you can, at least at the beginning.

Boost moisture prior to coloring.
When you have your hair colored, it can be really damaging and drying on your hair. To help get your hair up to it’s optimum level of health and hydration, a couple days prior to your hair appointment, cleanse it really well to rid your hair of film and grime that products can leave behind and use a deeply hydrating conditioner. This added hydration will help to retain the color and will ward off fading.

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