Stop These Bad Habits! You’re Making Your Hands Age

Do you feel like your hands are dry, wrinkly, and don’t match the rest of your body when it comes to how you look when you’re aging? Stopping these 6 bad habits will help your hands bounce back and stop them from showing signs of premature aging.

Using harsh soaps when washing your hands.

Put down that bar soap and opt for a gentler formula that won’t dry out your hands, such as a pH-neutral cleanser.

Not wearing rubber gloves.

Harsh soap isn’t just restricted to the kind you use in the restroom. Dishwashing soap can also be very dry to your delicate skin so always be sure to wear rubber gloves.

Frequently washing your hands.

We now know that soap can be hard on your hands, but so can the water we use. If you find that you have to frequently wash your hands, be sure to apply a moisturizer immediately following to prevent them from drying out. Choose a moisturizer with emollient or humectant properties because they will be best at moisturizing.

Forgetting to apply sunscreen.

We bet you’ve heard to apply sunscreen daily, even in the winter months, but did you know that includes applying it to your hands too? If you think about it, your face and your hands get the most exposure throughout the year to the sun, which explains why these are the areas that show aging the most. Be sure to apply that sunscreen on the regular!

Using a lot of hand sanitizer.

True, hand sanitizers are great at fighting germs, but they wreak havoc on your hands! They are mostly made up of alcohol and while it strips germs from your hands, it also strips away your skins natural barrier function, leaving hands dry and wrinkly. If you find you can’t live without your sanitizer, try applying it only on the palms of your hands, that way the back of your hands and not affected.

Getting gel manicure frequently.

To set the polish, you are put under glowing blue UV lights. Unfortunately, they emit the same dangerous rays as the sun. An easy way to skip having to sit your hands and feet under the light? Get a basic manicure instead of the gel. Your hands and feet will thank you later.

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