Do You Really Need A Haircut That Fits Your Face Shape?

There are a lot of magazines, blogs, and television shows the showcase “experts” who keep drilling the fact that you should get a haircut that fits the shape of your face. While that’s not always bad advice, you shouldn’t feel like you are stuck picking from a few haircuts for the rest of your life just because they “work best with your face shape.” Yes, you can definitely consider the shape of your face when choosing a particular haircut or hairstyle but please don’t make that the only factor when choosing a new look.

Other things to consider should be:

  • What are the recent hair trends or fads? These can help keep your look modern and up-to-date.
  • What is your personal style and what image are you trying to portray? Keep in mind your profession and what your haircut says about you and your personality. You may sport a different hairstyle depending on if you are going to a corporate office everyday versus if you are in a profession where you can express yourself more freely.
  • What texture is my hair? The texture of your hair plays a huge role in how your hairstyle will look every day and will also be a variable on how low or high maintenance your ‘do is.

No matter what style you choose, rock that new look! A new style gives you an instant boost in confidence and that will shine through to others.

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