Client’s come to you because they have a need that they want met. Whether they need their makeup done for a big event, a new, fresh hairstyle and color, or a relaxing facial, they know and trust you to meet their needs. You can expand that trust by showcasing various products that would help them maintain their look or help continue to improve the health of the hair. Not only will these recommendations benefit them, but they will also benefit you in many ways.

Salon professionals often get anxious and nervous about upselling, but I promise you when you change your perception of what is really taking place, your nerves will go away. Selling products is a prime way for you to boost your income so let’s discuss ways in which you can be successful at subtly selling.

First things first. Let’s change your mindset when it comes to upselling. Instead of viewing upselling as you forcing your client to buy something from you, think of it as you helping show your client products that will continue to meet their needs. Think back to a time when you tried something you really loved…if you had a friend who you knew would find that product useful, you’d surely tell them about it and rave about its benefits. The same thing applies here. You have products that you love in your salon. If you know a certain shampoo or styling aid will help your client on a daily basis, why not tell them about it? Your enthusiasm and love for the product will shine through your consult with your client, which will enhance their trust in you and strengthen your relationship. Before you know it, they have bought the recommended product and you have successfully completed the upsell without seeming salesy or pushy. You simply recommended something that will make their daily life easier.



Confidence sells. If you seem wishy-washy and don’t know the facts behind the product you are selling, forget about it. How you portray yourself is how they will perceive you. If you act like you are an expert in your field and know the facts as to why your clients should love product X, Y, Z, they’ll believe you. If you aren’t confident that you can explain the benefits of what you are about to show the client, skip it.


You won’t sell a curl defining product to someone who only wants to wear their hair straight. You won’t sell a $25 shampoo to someone who is ballin’ on a budget. Get to know your client during your initial consultation. Ask questions like:

  • How much time do you spend on your hair/nails each day?
  • What kind of styling tools do you have at home?
  • Do you like experimenting with new products?
  • What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to your hair?

Knowing your clients needs, desires, and personal care habits will help guide you in the direction of the products they would be most interested in and find the most useful. During the visit, they may also share things going on in their personal life. You can take that information into account also. If they are worried they may lose their job, it might not be the perfect time to suggest they purchase a $30 shampoo. If they just got a big promotion, you may want to show them various products that will help them maintain their new look for their new job. Feed off of the consultation.


Whether you are asking them questions during the consult, suggesting products at the end of the appointment, or chit-chatting during their visit, always keep conversation focused around the client. They are there to get pampered by you and the more they feel that they are the center of attention, the happier they are. Happy clients have a high rate of becoming a loyal, repeat client so don’t take your eyes off the prize.


It’s really easy to forget little tidbits of information about each client when you consider how many people you see in your chair every month. Knowing that your next appointment with each client will go smoother if you are prepped and ready for them, it doesn’t hurt to jot down a few key pointers about your client after their appointment. This will help give you some quick information at a glance prior to their next appointment and will help with the upsell. Being able to approach the client and say, “Hi, Mrs. Jones! Last time you were here you mentioned you had a hard time keeping your hair tamed when it’s a humid day. I have this awesome new product that we just got in that will solve that problem for you. I’m going to use it on you today and will see what you think!” The client will feel special and nice knowing that you remembered a problem they were facing. Those little notes come in handy!

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