Who doesn’t love a good swim in a pool on a hot, summer day? While we may love basking in the summer heat and taking a dip in a pool to cool down, our hair is in angst from the chlorine. Luckily for us, with a few tips and tricks on protecting your hair, we can enjoy the cool waters any time we want and we won’t have to stress about our hair.

  • When you can, swim in an outdoor pool. Pools that are enclosed have a lot of gases and chemicals in the air, which not only damage your hair, but also your skin and your lungs. When you swim outdoors, those harmful chemicals have a chance at escaping and you take less of a hit.
  • Before going swimming, try to apply either a hair oil (such as our All-Natural Treatment Oil) or a deep conditioner or leave-in (click here to see our top selling product). These products work to create a layer of protection between the pool chemicals and your hair. In addition to the added protection, they work to nourish the hair follicles. One note of caution: should you be swimming outside, be careful using oil as it may attract the sun causing damage from the UV rays.
  • If you have a swim cap, wear it. After you have slathered your hair with a protective layer of oil or conditioner, place the cap on, especially if you have color-treated hair. If you can’t wear a cap or don’t own one, pin your hair back as much as possible.
  • Make sure your hair is wet prior to entering the pool. When hair is already wet, it absorbs less pool water as it’s already saturated with clean water.
  • Shower after you are done swimming. Giving your hair and scalp a good shampoo and conditioning after swimming will help wash out some of the harmful chemicals and restore your hair.

We have lots of great products that will help restore and replenish dry, brittle, damaged hair. 

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