The summer months bring in a lot of bridals and bridal parties to your salon but you may see a dip in the number of regular client bookings due to people vacationing. 

Boosting your summer business doesn’t have to be a chore when you have a few tactics to use that will encourage your regular customers to come in for a visit and will draw in some new business too.

Boost your bookings and your wallet by implementing these summer marketing ideas:


We all know that social media marketing is an absolute must, especially when you are a salon professional. It’s the perfect platform to show hot summer hair trends, before and after pictures, and summer specials that are sure to draw your clients in. Let makeup artists in your salon show off their best bridal looks, or summer party makeup ideas. Showcase your hair stylists hottest color trends and up-do’s. Let your nail tech post pics of this summer’s must-have nail look or color. Pictures can sell your services in a flash so let them!


Any holiday or season that allows you to run new specials is a bonus so take advantage of it! In the summer months, people are looking to keep their toenails in tip-top shape because they are shown in a lot of summer footwear. Running a special on a deluxe package that includes an upgraded pedicure plus a complementary manicure might be a good idea. Or, offer to do an extra sugar-scrub exfoliation to make their feet silky smooth. As for hair, people tend to do a lot of swimming and their hair may have some chlorine damage. You could put together a package that includes a cut, color, and a certificate for a future visit where they can come back for a deep conditioning treatment that will help reverse some of the damage the summer months caused. This not only gets them back in your salon for the treatment, but chances are they’ll book at least a cut when they come in for the treatment.


A good way to get clients to repeatedly book is to offer an incentive. Why not print off a punch card where after 5 visits they earn a free hair product or service? It could be whatever you choose that you think your customer would see of value. This lets clients feel appreciated and that they are getting something for all of their patronage. It helps to create client loyalty and encourages positive word-of-mouth.

Make sure you keep your waiting room pleasant for clients who are pampering themselves and taking a break from the dog days of summer. Offering a cold beverage while they wait can go a long way. Talk about their summer plans. Let your clients feel valued and also give them a courteous reminder that you are already taking bookings for the holiday season. Mentioning how your books fill up quickly and that pre-booking is the way to go might get them to book far in advance. Remind them that they always have the ability to call and reschedule if that date doesn’t work for them.

What do you do to make your clients feel valued while bringing in business during the summer? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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