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Millions of people around the globe suffer from Rosacea, a type of chronic inflammation that affects mainly the face. It can be embarrassing and frustrating for those who have to deal with it.

Rosacea rears itself in many different ways – visible red capillaries, bumps that resemble acne, persistent “blushing,” and skin sensitivity that stings. The biggest cause of rosacea is your own DNA but did you know there are several things that can trigger an inflammation?

Here are the top 12 triggers to avoid:

1. Spicy food

There are a lot of foods that can cause an inflammation of rosacea, but at the top of that list are spicy dishes.

2. Cheese

Yes, we first named spicy food and sadly, we have to follow it up with cheese. I know that can be a bummer, but dairy is a common food trigger.

3. The wind

Say what? Yes, the weather can really take a toll on your skin, especially windy days if you suffer from rosacea.

4. Alcohol and hot beverages

In addition to staying away from certain foods, you need to also be mindful of what you drink. Alcohol and hot beverages such as tea or coffee can trigger a flare up.

5. The sun

Make sure to always wear a SPF of 30 or greater because the UV rays can trigger a flare up and can make rosacea worse in the long run.

6. Perfume

Products such as perfume that contain alcohol and fragrance can take a real toll on your skin.

7. Stress

We all know stress takes a real toll on your body and that includes causing rosacea flares.

8. Your skin care

Choosing skin care products can be a chore when you have skin sensitivities, like rosacea. It may take a lot of trial and error to find products made for sensitive skin that won’t cause you to flare up.

9. Hot water

Sorry, but yes, we’re talking about relaxing in a bath here. Hot water can be a common trigger for rosacea so it’s best to find another way to relax after a long day.

10. Allergies

Seasonal allergies wreak havoc on your body and in addition, can cause a flare up of rosacea.

11. Exercise

Exercise can lead to flushing that can last from a few days to a few weeks. Try to keep cool as often as possible while exercising.

12. Exfoliating

Choose your exfoliator wisely because the ingredients could cause your skin to flare up.


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