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That’s HUGE NEWS! In my eyes, that can only mean one thing: focus needs to be put on getting positive reviews on your business!

As we mentioned, REVIEWS ARE LIFE. We need them to take our business to the next level, and let’s face it, that’s where we all want to go, right? When you have positive reviews on social media, Yelp, Google, etc., your business is being promoted and growing constantly. Here’s what reviews work to do for your salon business:

  • Build trust. As a consumer, would you rather take the word of someone who is out to make money or the word of someone who has nothing to gain/lose by telling you about their experience? Yup, the word of the stranger. Positive reviews allow others to see that the business provides exceptional value and are a leader in their field. On the flipside, a negative review from a total stranger can put doubts in the mind of consumers and make them hesitant to do business with you. A good way to avoid these negative reviews is to make sure to always do exceptional work and strive to make each client feel valued and appreciated.
  • Attract new clients. Positive reviews are what every stylist craves to get. A good review is as good as a referral from a friend because you didn’t have to spend much (if any) marketing dollars to obtain a new client and they tend to be loyal to you from the get-go because someone else has instilled their trust in you and given you a glowing recommendation.
  • Allow you the chance to see what’s working…and what’s not. Reviews are words coming straight from the client’s you’ve serviced so it’s important to take their praise and criticism into account. When they rave about something they love about your salon, make it a point to continue offering x, y, and z. If they mention that they loved you as a stylist but have a critique about the salon itself, pricing, parking, etc., let them know that their voice has been heard. Comment back on their review expressing you heard their concern and will work to fix the problem.
  • Improve search engine rankings. Want to appear closer to the top of the plethora of results when someone searches for “salon” in Google? Reviews on Google are one way to do that! The more reviews you have, the closer you get to the top of the results, which are where the businesses that consumers tend to pick and trust appear.

It’s pretty evident that reviews are essential to every business, so how do you boost the number of reviews your business receives? That can be a little tricky but we’re here to help!

First of all, ask yourself, “Am I delivering an exceptional service that leaves my client’s anxiously awaiting their next salon visit?” The best way to spark the fire for someone to write a review online is by providing an experience that they can’t wait to brag about. When you can tell that someone feels like a million bucks at the end of their visit, simply ask them if they wouldn’t mind writing a review about their visit online. More often than not, they’ll be happy to spread the word of your services and write a glowing review. Sometimes all it takes is asking!

Second, if asking your clients doesn’t seem to be boosting the number of reviews online, you may have to take a different approach. Some clients are simply not interested in taking a few minutes to do a review while others plain forgot that they were supposed to do it. One easy way to make people remember to do a review is by thanking those who do write one. Offering a complementary upgrade on their salon visit or a bonus treatment would be the perfect thank you and could lead to more reviews.

Third, if you are a salon owner or have a team working under you, start a contest to see who can get the most reviews during a certain time period. This will get your team asking their clients to leave kind reviews on sites such as Google and Yelp. It will be a team effort but your salon will have reviews all over the internet in no time!

Always remember to never pay or bribe for reviews. As tempting as it is, it’s unethical and could lead to fines from the major search engines. No one wants to have their business taken down when they are trying to build it up. Should you need assistance in growing your business or want to discuss how marketing on social media platforms can help your business grow, reach out to use by clicking here. We help professionals much like yourself every day and we would love to discuss how we can collaborate and grow your business.

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