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It might only be October, but the holidays are creeping in and will be here before you know it! This is your busy time of the year since all of your client’s want to look their best as they celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and ring in the New Year with family and friends. Taking the time to prepare your staff for the upcoming season will help to alleviate stress and anxiety and allow things to run a bit smoother. With a few simple tips in your arsenal, you’ll be ready to have a meeting with your team and get everyone on board with making this the biggest season yet!

Make sure client info is up-to-date.

In order to send out texts or mailers to your clients, it’s important that their information is current in your database. As clients come in for their pre-holiday time appointments, have your receptionist check with each client to make sure you have their correct information and update accordingly. As the holidays approach, use this contact information to let them know how they can book appointments, let them know of salon specials and promotions, and showcase your gift certificate and basket options.

Craft a plan of attack with your team members.

Aside from wedding season, November and December are the busiest months for your salon. Keep your staff motivated, excited, passionate, and dedicated by developing a plan for these months as a team. This will allow your team to feel like their voices have been heard and will set you up for success as it’s a plan that everyone agreed will work. When people feel that they are part of the team and not just being told what to do, they stay committed longer and work for the common good of the salon.

Kick off the season with a holiday party.

Why not start the season off with a bang and host a holiday party at your salon? This is a great way to bring in your clientele and show them some appreciation. They could book their holiday appointments at this time and mingle as they enjoy some refreshments. You should have gift baskets full of products and styling tools for every budget that people can purchase as an easy gift. Make sure you have signs up that note gift certificates are available for purchase throughout not just the holidays but the whole year.

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