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When you are in a client-centered business (such as the salon industry) and you are in the business of pleasing people all day, it can easily wear morale down because lets face it, not all clients are easy to deal with. Sometimes your employees need a boost of energy and a lift of their spirit to keep plugging along and that’s where you come in. As the owner or manager of a salon, you are going to help work to keep your employees happy, focused, and driven. How exactly do you do that? Well, below we’ve listed a few ways to get every employee motivated and eager to kick business up a bit!

Remember you are working with people, not robots.
Each of your employees is their own, unique self. They have their own temperaments, their own work style, and their own way of handling stress. Encourage each person to bring their own flare, tips, strategies, viewpoint, and creativity to the workplace. Each person is unique and that uniqueness is what will make your business shine. Take time to get to know each person on a personal level. Once you can recognize all of their special strengths and weaknesses, you will know how to best utilize them in your salon.

Let employees know what their goals are and offer rewards.
No matter what you are doing in life, it’s crucial that you know what your end result should be or else how do you know what you are working towards? Make sure you the goals you set are reachable and are properly communicated with your employees. Some times bosses will use the break room as a good place to hang a poster or other information about the goals set and they even keep tallies of how each team member is doing. This makes it clear to everyone what the task at hand is and where their colleagues stand. They should also know what the reward or incentive is should they reach those goals.

Offer rewards and incentives that are special and/or tailored to them.
Start programs such as Employee of the Month to recognize those staff members who go above and beyond continuously. People like to be recognized and when you are putting in a lot of hard work, it shouldn’t go unnoticed. Make note of special events that are close to their heart (such as their birthday, anniversary, etc.) and make their day special. If it’s their birthday, bring them in their favorite breakfast food or drink. If it’s a special holiday for them, make sure they have the day off. Showing them you are listening to them and care about them is going to make all the difference.

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