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Are you ready?

Black Friday falls on November 24th this year, if you are in the United States, and fans of this epic shopping day are already gearing up to hit the sales!

The cool thing is that Black Friday deals are no longer restricted to retail shops – restaurants, salons, tire shops, florists, even gyms are participating in Black Friday specials because it’s an easy way to get customers in and spending!

Everyone is out for a mind-blowing deal that day so you have to make your promotion worth the effort to stop in, especially if you aren’t in a location that is traditionally where the shoppers are.

The month of November tends to be a slower month for most salons. People are waiting to get their hair and nails done right before the Christmas season so you may find your regulars are stretching their cuts and colors a little bit in order to make an appointment closer to their holiday gatherings. Don’t let that get you down though because with some creative marketing and killer promotions, you could bring your sales from red to black, like many other retailers!

Here are some ideas to not only boost your sales that day, but better your business in the long run!

Reduce old, discontinued stock.

Every salon has it…the old stock that hasn’t sold and discontinued items. Why not use this as the perfect time to rid yourselves of that stuff taking up valuable sales space within your salon and let your client’s get a deal while you are at it?

Decorate a shelf in your retail area in an attractive way and have lots of signage promoting your jaw-dropping Black Friday sale on those items. You could even put a big basket of them up by the counter so your clients see them as they are checking out. This way they could easily add the products on as they are paying their bill.

Let them know they are getting a great deal, but do so in an inconspicuous way, like showing the regular retail price versus your Black Friday pricing. With all of that space cleared up, you can bring new, fresh products in!

Promote on social media.

You should be promoting your business on social media regularly anyway, but showcasing the sales you are running is a sure way to attract some attention. You could even run a promotion tied to your social media accounts such as, “mention you saw our special on Facebook and receive an additional 10% off!”

Organic reach on social media platforms is minimal compared to paid advertising. To get the most attention during the sale, pay to promote it. You will have to do this ahead of time since day-of ads don’t get much visibility until it’s too late. Run your ad beginning on Sunday or Monday for the most views.

Have a gift card sale!

Who doesn’t love a gift card, especially one that will allow some pampering? Offer a deal on Black Friday where people can buy gift cards to your salon or spa at a fraction of the cost, like 25% off.  The sneaky part will be the fine print. Make the gift cards usable during the quieter months, like January and February. Advertise this sale well in advance, just like we mentioned before.

Give your current clients a treat.

Even though Black Friday is typically a day for rock-bottom prices, you could approach it another way and treat your clients who are booked for that day a special, complimentary gift. It could be a trial size product, a complimentary deep conditioning treatment, a facial, etc. Anything that you think would make your clients feel loved, appreciated, and welcomed would be a good option on this day.

Hold a contest.

People love being able to enter a contest and get excited over the possibility of winning. You could run a contest starting a week before Black Friday. It could run through the Black Friday weekend and the winner could be announced on Monday over social media. The prize could be a salon or spa service of your choice to be redeemed in your slower months of January/February.

What has your salon done to partake in the Black Friday festivities? We’d love to hear from you so jot your comments below!

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