Are you thinking of promoting your salon on social media? Well, welcome to the wonderful (but sometimes scary and intimidating) world of social media marketing! 

To stay competitive, it’s a good thing you decided to put your skills on display via social media because these various platforms are prime places to showcase your talents with pictures, videos, and other posts.

To get your going in the right direction, we’ve put together a few pointers that will give you a boost as you start developing your page and obtaining followers.

  1. Decide which platforms you want to be on. The best platforms to be on if you are in the beauty industry are Instagram and Facebook because videos and pictures thrive when posted to these social media pages and let’s face it, visuals are going to sell your services much more than a few descriptive words. Once you’ve decided which platforms will allow you to reach your audience best, choose one or two to start with. Master those, then move on to other platforms.
  2. When it comes to content that you are posting, keep in mind that every post cannot be a sales pitch. People will get bored and agitated if they think they are just another dollar to you. Think about your own social media habits. If every post you saw from a business was trying to get you to buy something, you wouldn’t feel valued and respected as a customer. You would feel like they are always trying to strong arm you into making a purchase, and that’s not a good way to feel if you are a customer. Marketing guru’s will say that a good rule of thumb to follow is the 80/20 rule: 80% of your posts should be creative, interesting, relative content that your target audience would enjoy and find value in while 20% should be sales driven content. The 80% will drive brand loyalty and create trust between you and your customers and then when they come across the 20%, they will be more likely to take action.
  3. As you begin, keep an eye on your insights so you can see what the prime posting times are for your target audience. By viewing and monitoring the insights, you will be able to determine the times of day and days of the week that the majority of your audience is on social media and can schedule your posts accordingly. It takes a little trial and error in the beginning and by following your post engagement, you will determine how frequent you should be posting at certain times. It’s really quite the helpful tool!
  4. Always remember, social media is your direct link to your current and potential clients. Use these platforms as a conversational tool; don’t be too rigid with your posts or always keep it tight and professional. Sharing things that elicit a laugh every once in a while or that let your patrons see your true self are always good (just make sure to keep it classy and follow basic rules like no profanity, nudity, etc., because after all, this is your business page).

Your authentic self should radiate through your social media pages. Keep things fresh, exciting, enticing, and real on your pages and your target audience will respond well. Social media marketing can take a business to amazing heights so use it to your advantage. If you need some help developing your social media strategy, setting up your pages, or managing your accounts, we’re here to help! We’ve helped countless other business owners and we can help you too!

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