When you want to keep a strong footing as a busy salon professional, the biggest thing you can do is work on client retention. When you have repeat clients, your books stay full, your retail sales typically increase, and your business will boom. Booming business = financial success and security. Sound good? Ok then, let’s get going!


Unfortunately, there are salons at practically every corner these days. What sets you apart? Why should someone patron your chair versus the lady’s chair across the way? Knowing what you have to offer that makes you stand out above the rest is essential! This will be the thing that you flaunt and boast about when selling your services. You want people to know they are with the best and that will set you apart from the rest!



One sure fire way to get someone in your seat again is to have them book their next appointment before they leave your salon. Mention to them that in order to keep their color on point or their haircut sharp, they need to return in X number of weeks. Then, as they are checking out, have the receptionist start booking their next appointment. Remind them that if they need to reschedule or postpone their appointment, that it’s ok, but booking something now gets them on your schedule and not fretting for an appointment when the time arises.

Your goal should be to have everyone who leaves your chair feel like a model. They should feel pampered, beautiful, and ready to take on the world. When they are feeling their best and while they are googly eyed over your service, ask if they have a friend or two that they would refer to your salon. Give them your business card and offer them an incentive should their friend(s) book an appointment. This is a referral bonus and it’s a fantastic way to have your existing clients spread the word about how awesome of a salon professional you are. Happy clients refer, so make sure everyone who leaves your chair is HAPPY!


Your reputation will open many doors for you, however, if you have a poor work ethic, come to work late or leave early, are uninterested in your line of work, etc., your reputation can also close many doors. Whether your boss or your clients feel unappreciated or not valued, the relationship will end. Keep your passion for your profession alive and keep things fresh. This type of attitude will keep clients coming back for more because they’ll know they are getting the best service, in-style cuts/colors, and good conversation from someone who loves what they do.


People who love a business will spend money with them and keep coming back. Ensuring that your client knows how to care for their hair at home and get that fresh-from-the-salon look day after day is very important to the client-stylist relationship. It builds trust and lets them know that you care. Show them products throughout the visit that they can use at home to recreate the look you gave them in the salon. Before checkout, show them the products that you had recommended and go over the benefits again. Show them the products that they seemed most wowed by and interested in during their appointment. People who value their hair and value your work will most likely purchase products and be loyal, repeat clients.

It may take you some time to work all of these tips into your service routine, but trust us when we say it’s worth it! Without client retention, you have no business so there is no time like today to start implementing things that will boost that number. If you are interested in learning more about client retention, building your brand online, and driving up sales, reach out to us. We help salon professionals much like yourself daily and would love to help your business thrive as well. Click here to let us know you are interested and we’ll be in touch!

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