As you stroll the beauty aisles of your favorite store, your eye has surely caught various hair care products flaunting that they contain keratin. 

You might have never given them a second look but I promise you, after reading this, you’ll understand why products with keratin need to be included in your beauty routine ASAP.

For starters, let’s discuss what keratin is. Keratin is a group of fibrous structural proteins that are found in your skin, nails, and hair. These proteins are developed naturally and go to work providing structural assistance to your hair, skin, and nails while also acting as repair agents that go to work fixing what is damaged or broken.

Did you know that upwards of 95% of your hair is made up of keratin? Keratin makes up the exterior protection of the cuticle and at the same time gives the interior structure in the cortex. While keratin provides strength, protection, and structure, it is still a fragile thing and poor hair care can ruin it. Things such as bad techniques, poor water quality, heat, chemicals, and harsh environmental elements can all wreck havoc on your body’s keratin. Damaged keratin = damaged hair.

Keratin benefits the hair by:

  • Boosting hair strength. When you use products containing keratin, they will work to repair any parts of the hair that are damaged, broken, or brittle. Keratin works to fill in the damaged areas, making hair strong and protecting it against breakage. Elasticity also improves and hair is able to withstand the daily wear and tear of heat styling tools, brushes, etc.,
  • Increasing in moisture retention. When hair is damaged, it doesn’t want to hold in the moisture that it needs which leaves hair looking dull, dry and lifeless. When keratin products are used or hair undergoes a keratin treatment, the cuticle gets repaired and the hair can then hold moisture, keeping it hydrated and shiny.
  • Adding protection from the sun. We always think of protecting our skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, but we fail to think of protecting our hair but guess what? Our hair gets damaged easily by these harmful rays. For that reason, you should be thinking about ways to shield your hair from the sun and one of those ways is by using products containing keratin proteins.

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