Keeping Your Skin Fabulous This Fall

As the seasons change and fall arrives, the days grow shorter, the air gets cooler, and your skin starts to lose much needed moisture. It’s time to fight back against the elements and adjust your skin care routine to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. Keep these skin care tips in mind and you’ll be amazed at how smooth, silky, and soft your skin is during even the coldest months.

  • Skip the soap. Soaps lather up nicely and have wonderful fragrances and even though it seems like a wonderful way to clean, they will leave your skin dry. Once fall is here, switch to a cleanser that says it’s soap-free. Try to use a creamy body wash that is soap-free for best results.
  • Use an oil-based scrub to exfoliate. The warm summer sun and chlorine you were exposed to this summer may have left your skin damaged, dry, and flaky. Ease into fall by giving your body a great exfoliation treatment. Look for an oil-based scrub to do the trick because they won’t only exfoliate, they’ll hydrate as well!
  • Time to break out the cream and hide the lotion. Protect your skin and help heal it when the air becomes dry by using a thick moisturizer. Lotions simply don’t do the trick this time of the year. Creams are the best choice because they provide an oily barrier so they will protect against water loss occurring from the outer layer of the skin while at the same time providing this same layer with intense hydration.
  • Protect your lips. Take this change of season to start moisturizing your lips now. This will prevent them from drying up and cracking this winter. For best results, use a non-petroleum based lip balm.
  • Invest in your hands. Often times, hands become dry and cracked during the colder months. Begin your moisturizing routine now for soft, supple hands all winter long.

Do you have any tried and true cold weather beauty routines that you live by? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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