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It provides a level of consistency and you know you can count on them coming back like clockwork. That’s not the only reason that client retention is important though. Did you realize that it costs up to 6 times more to gain a new client versus keeping the ones you have coming back? Yes, SIX TIMES MORE! Isn’t that crazy!?

While we are on the subject of money, did you know that your loyal, repeat clients typically spend almost 70% more at each visit? They are more likely to buy retail or add on additional salon services. That’s a HUGE increase in profits for you and your salon! Based on those two figures alone, you can easily see why it’s well worth the effort to turn a client into a repeat client who is happy and loyal to you and your salon.

Here are some tips that you can implement today to boost your client retention:

  • You only get one chance at a first impression – make it a great one! Chances are when you think of the people in your life, you can think of the first time that you met them. First impressions are long-lasting and carry a huge weight. Clients who have a great first visit with you are way more likely to return than client’s who had things go wrong during their visit. Remember, often times your first impression doesn’t start as a face-to-face meeting. With everyone turning to the internet for information, your first impression might be by your Facebook page, salon website, or other social media platforms. Keep those places professional and always remember you never know who will be visiting those pages. When they call to make an appointment, make sure your staff is properly trained so that the call goes smoothly. They should speak clearly, use the client’s name to add a personal touch, and should be engaging. When it comes time for their appointment, make sure you greet them with a smile and let them know how happy you are that they came into your salon. This lets them know that you value their business and are eager to provide exceptional service.
  • All the small details add up. Always look at your business as if you were a new client coming into the salon. Little details that are overlooked can make your business look unprofessional, dirty, and not like a place where someone would want to come to be pampered. So look around. Is your salon clean? Is your staff dressed professionally? Does the staff use appropriate language and decent topics of conversation? How’s the waiting room? Are there current magazines to browse and magazines for hair inspiration? Are your clients greeted as they enter the salon and offered a beverage while they wait? These small details add up to give a lasting impact, so make it a positive one!
  • Do you have products to retail?Studies have shown that someone is 50% more likely to be a repeat customer when they purchase something from a business. That’s huge! Make sure you have products to retail and that you and your staff is fully trained on how to sell those products. They could upsell during the salon service and again when the client is checking out. Simply walking the client over to the styling product you used on them while they were in the chair and saying, “Remember that product that you said smelled so good when I was styling your hair? This is what I used. You use just a small amount, rub it between your fingers and…” You get the idea here.

Client retention is vital if you want to be a successful salon professional and have a thriving business. We would love to continue to discuss ways to boost your bookings and your income! Take a moment to fill out this form so we know you’re serious about learning how to expand your business and we’ll be in touch real soon!

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