Now more than ever, women are dying their hair but for every woman who gets the result she was hoping for and is able to maintain healthy hair, there are a plethora of women who leave with their hair feeling like straw. Before you head to the salon or try to dye your hair at home, it’s critical to figure out if your hair is healthy enough to color.

How do you go about figuring that out? Here’s the trick: take a piece of your hair between your fingers and hold it straight. Next, put a drop of water onto your hair and start a stopwatch. See how long it takes to absorb. If the water is absorbed by your hair in less than 10 seconds, your cuticle is compromised and your hair is too damaged to be dyed.

Want to try another test? See if your hair stretches more than usual when wet. If it does, it’s not healthy enough to be dyed. If your hair is in less than optimal health, it may also feel a bit gummy in texture when wet. If you failed any of these “tests,” it’s best to wait to dye your hair to prevent further damage. If you still aren’t convinced, make sure you get a consultation before getting your hair dyed. A good colorist is trained to be able to determine if your hair is healthy enough to color and won’t put your hair in a compromising position if it’s not.

Did you fail any of these tests? If so, your hair may need a restorative treatment. Authentically Branded offers a Keratin line of products that will get your hair back in shape. Keratin and Panthenol give each strand of your hair a renewed inner strength, a smoother appearance, while reducing frizz and providing superior protection against future breakage by reconstructing and replenishing natural keratin levels. Best of all, our Keratin line is perfect for all hair types.

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