We’ve all been there. We’re in a hurry and only have a few minutes to paint our nails and we wonder: is it really that important to apply a base coat? The simple answer – YES! Just like when you build a house, it’s only as good as its foundation so a base coat is the basis of a good, long-lasting manicure and pedicure.

Here are a few other reasons the base coat is so critical:

It adds a sticky layer to make your polish last longer.

The base coat is kind of like double-sided tape for your nails. It not only sticks to your nails but it also sticks to the polish above. Without this “sticky” layer, your nail polish would chip off a lot faster.

Base coats prevent stains.

Have you ever tried a hot new color (especially reds) only to find that your nails are stained yellow once the polish is removed? The stains happen because of a chemical reaction that’s caused from the dyes in the nail polish and your nail plates. Your best chance of avoiding the stains? A good base coat! It’s going to protect the nail by providing a clear protective layer between the nail and the polish.

It can help cure a plethora of nail issues.

Base coats can be a powerful weapon you can use to treat a variety of nail issues. Have dry nails? Use a base coat that’s also moisturizing. Have uneven surfaces on your nails? Use a base coat that has ridge-filling properties. One quick tip: don’t swap your base and top coats. In general, a top coat is shiny and doesn’t have the “sticky” properties that a base coat has so swapping the two won’t give you the benefits they are designed to.

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