My Pores Are So Noticeable! Is There a Way to Minimize Them?

You’ve probably heard the old wives’ tale growing up about how you are able to shrink your pores by splashing them with cold water or using a facial mask. Sad to say, but those are all just that, old wives’ tales. The size of your pores is actually determined by your genetics. There has to be good news though, right? Yes, there is! Although you cannot actually make your pores smaller, you can make them less noticeable.

For starters, make sure your facial cleanser contains salicylic acid. Salicylic acid has anti-inflammatory properties that will help open clogged pores. It will also help those with acne by clearing up redness and inflammation. Keeping your pores clean from debris and other bacteria will make them less noticeable. At AB, our Clean and Clear Purifying Cleanser contains salicylic acid in the form of willow bark extract. Not only will it help reduce the appearance of pores, but the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties will improve skin thickness, barrier function and collagen production, leading to healthy, more radiant skin.

Your skin would also benefit from retinoid creams, such as our Retinol 0.5 Treatment Cream. It will help to exfoliate and gently resurface skin leaving you with a smoother, more even complexion.

Lastly, for those with large pores, experimenting with a foundation primer could do wonders. Primer goes on prior to foundation and will fill in any imperfections or holes on the skin’s surface. This allows for a smoother surface on which to apply your foundation.

Do you have a tried and true method to minimizing your pores? Share your beauty secrets on our Facebook page! We’d love to hear from you.

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