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And just like that, the way we handle customer service was changed forever. No longer are the days where a company handles customer service through a phone bank or via a manager with face-to-face interactions. More now than ever, people are taking their complaints (and their praises) online via social media sites.

This can be great word-of-mouth, if the feedback is positive; however, if someone voices a complaint, it is out there for all to see so you better believe company’s had to quickly change how and when they respond.

Some brands are slower learning than others but assuming that you want to nip any negatives in the bud and let the positives shine, here are some ways your business can deliver great customer service by way of social media platforms:

  • Be focused on the customer. When your focus is on them rather than profits, it will come across as a genuine relationship. Post on topics that are relevant to them and that are of interest.
  • Show your human side. Don’t be so black-and-white when posting. Show them you are human and relatable.
  • Let your customers know you are listening to them. If they give you a tip on how you can improve your product, let them know you appreciate their feedback and will look into improving the product/service offered. If they are taking to your social media to complain, kindly let them know that you are sorry they experienced x, y, and z and invite them to private message you so you can work through the problem. This takes their complaint off of social media, where everyone can see it, and allows you to handle it privately.
  • Respond promptly. If someone poses a question, starts a dialog, or responds to a post, take a moment to respond to them. If you have a hard time doing so in a timely fashion, you may need to hire a Social Media Manager. They are someone who runs your accounts and can address the fans.

Remember, people do business with company’s they like, respect and admire. By connecting to your fans on social media, you strengthen their brand loyalty and quite possibly create a customer for life.

I have successfully grown my business online and would love to help you do the same. Numerous other businesses have learned and grown online by following my blueprint. I would love to discuss the system and get you on track for living the life you have dreamed of. Message me here and we can go through the details and get your business on the fast track to real growth!

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