The sun is shining, the days are getting longer, tulips are starting to peek through, and there are buds on the trees. That can only mean one thing – spring is finally here! It’s time to start packing away those warm winter coats and bringing out the soft pastels and everything that screams spring! It’s not just your wardrobe that needs an overhaul when seasons change. Your hair, skin, and nails also need some help switching from season to season.


You probably did some deep conditioning treatments or used protective sprays to keep your hair looking its best during the winter months, so transitioning to spring shouldn’t be too hard. Now is a good time to take a look at your ends and see if a trim might be in order. A trim is a great way to avoid or eliminate split ends and keep your hair looking healthy and maintained. With spring can also come frizz because of the change in humidity. Use a light finishing product, like our Diamond Drops, to help eliminate frizz and static electricity. Diamond Drops protects, maintains, and smoothes the cuticle leaving a brilliant shine. It also offers protection against humidity, so it’s a great styling product for spring!


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Keep up with your water intake and your skin will thank you. Water helps your skin stay hydrated and keeps it looking vibrant and healthy. Another way to get glowing skin is to gently exfoliate a couple of times per week while in the shower. You can use a homemade sugar scrub or a loofah to gently remove any dead or rough skin. Follow your shower with a great moisturizing lotion and apply it generously. Not only will moisturized skin look and feel great, but it will allow you to get a closer shave because the skin will be smooth.


Lack of moisture during the cold winter months could mean your nails look dry and brittle and probably have some breakage. Put some moisture back into those nails by massaging some oil into your cuticles. This will actually help to moisturize the entire nail which will reduce chipping, cracking, and splitting. Once your nails are looking their best, it’s time for the fun part – trying some of the newest looks in spring nail art! Try spring’s hottest nail trends such as the mermaid tail or the waterfall to keep your nails looking great!

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