Time Saver Tips for Drying Your Hair

It’s really tempting to hurry through your blowout if you are tight on time in the morning but by cutting corners, you could be leaving yourself looking unkempt all day. Instead of rushing through your blowout, try some of these time savers and you’ll still end up with that polished look but in less time!

Prep Your Hair in the Shower

Make sure to thoroughly condition your hair in the shower. The conditioner will leave a coating on your hair that will actually help to repel water, leaving less to dry when you get out of the shower. Once you are done showering, use your hands to gently squeeze the water out of your hair. You can then use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your strands and lightly fluff the roots so the drying process will start.

Towel Dry

A towel will help get rid of excess moisture before you start using the hair dryer. Make sure that you are patting your hair, never rubbing or creating friction. Friction will raise the cuticle and may lead to damage. Using a microfiber towel is the best option because it reduces friction.

Choose the Right Brushes

Choosing the right brush for the right job is very important! A thermal brush will act like an iron because they conduct and retain heat. Boar bristle brushes do not retain heat and are best for people with coarser hair who are looking for more polish and less curl.

Protect with Products

It’s very important to use a product on your hair prior to applying any heat. Heat will damage your strands and a good product will help protect your hair, add shine, and lock out humidity. Our Thermal Styling Protectant Spray is a great option that will also provide all-day hold, while leaving your hair workable and full of life!

Dry Hair in Sections

Dry your hair in sections no wider than your hairbrush or comb. Using the nozzle attachment on your hair dryer, start drying your hair from root to mid-shaft. The ends are going to dry the fastest and require much less heat. Looking for more volume? For maximum lift, use a round brush and dry from the underneath.

What time saving tricks do you use when getting ready in the morning? Head on over to our Facebook page and let us know!

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