Grow Healthier, Longer, Natural Hair

When you have natural hair, your biggest concern isn’t necessarily how to make your hair grow; rather it’s how to retain length. Constant exposure to chemicals, heat tools, manipulation, and certain hairstyles leave your hair prone to breakage. That’s not your only problem when it comes to retaining length. You also have to consider your hair type because the type of curls you have determines if your hair grows out or down. Occasionally, it will begin to grow out but then the force of gravity takes over and pulls it downward. However, some textures will always hover at shoulder length, regardless of how long it is when stretched out. If you are one of the many concerned about retaining length, take a look at these three areas of your beauty regimen to see if you need to shake things up a bit.

Wearing Your Hair Down and Loose

Wearing your hair down and loose on a frequent basis can really cost you. The constant friction of your hair rubbing against your clothing causes split ends and that means frequent trims are needed. Remember, the more you protect your ends, the less you need trims. Try to save your delicate locks by wearing it in an updo every now and then.

Manipulating Your Hair – Chemically or Physically

Messing with your hair too much will lead to its demise. It doesn’t matter if you physically manipulate it by constantly doing twist outs or braids, or if you chemically manipulate it by coloring or processing your hair, you are doing major damage. Keep in mind that the finer your hair is, the less it can withstand manipulation. If you need to put your hair in twists before bed, make them chunky twists because it will b e a little easier on your hair.

Not Using Conditioner

Always, always, always use conditioner after shampooing. Shampoo is formulated to cleanse the hair and rid it of product buildup, sweat, pollutants, etc. When you fail to condition your hair following a shampoo, you are leaving the cuticle open, which makes the hair dry and susceptible to breakage. Whether you are choosing to use a daily conditioner, a deep conditioning treatment, or a leave-in conditioner, always take the time to condition your hair.

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