Get Rid of Those Pesky Under Eye Circles

No one likes dark circles under their eyes and we are always looking for ways to get rid of them for good. Here are some ways to combat these circles and have yourself looking younger and fresher in no time!

Wear Sunscreen

The skin beneath your eyes is very thin and susceptible to sun induced hyperpigmentation. Make sure to apply sunscreen, especially beneath your eyes to help protect this sensitive area.

Use a Retinoid

Retinoids are a derivative of vitamin A and this will help fade pigment and boost collagen production, making skin less translucent and dark circles less visible. Be careful not to over use retinoids however, because it can irritate skin and leave red rings around the eyes.

Use a Great Makeup Remover

A great makeup remover can make taking off your makeup a breeze, but using one that is less effective can cause capillary damage due to excess rubbing. Make sure you use a remover that allows you to remove makeup with one or two swipes, not one that causes you to scrub off your eyeliner.

Wash Your Face with Cool Water

Warm water and steam can accentuate dark circles so try cooling it down. Washing your face with cool water will do wonders for your skin.

Take an Antihistamine

If you suffer from allergies, the histamines released by your immune system can cause swelling and broken, leaky capillaries under the eyes. The itchiness encourages rubbing, which compounds the problem by prompting hyperpigmentation.

Use a Concealer

Try using a creamy solid concealer in order to instantly get rid of the appearance of dark circles. Using a creamy solid concealer will give you more coverage and will be longer lasting than a liquid form.

Curl Your Lashes

Taking a minute to curl your lashes can dramatically change your look. Lashes that are turned up do not cast a shadow on your under eye area and will open your eyes, making you look more fresh.

What tricks do you use to hide those under eye circles? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know! We love hearing from you!

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