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Imagine having every appointment filled with client’s that are the perfect fit for you: the perfect fit for your skill set; the perfect fit for your personality; the perfect fit for your services. Sounds heavenly, right? That doesn’t have to be a dream!

When you take the time to break down and identify just exactly whom your ideal client is, you’ll know how to market to them and before you know it, they’ll be repeat clients that rave about how wonderful you are! You will be much more professionally fulfilled and happy when the clientele you are serving is the right fit for your talents.

When pinpointing your ideal client, you should consider:

  • Do they need the services and techniques I excel at?
  • When I suggest products to them, do they openly receive my recommendation and purchase the products?
  • Are they an easy client to converse with and make happy or are they the type who is never happy and complains?
  • Have they recommended you to their friends?
  • Are their visits profitable or do they leave you wondering if you made any money while they were in your chair?

Not everyone on your current client roster will fall into the “ideal client” category. That’s okay and perfectly normal. After all, if they did, you wouldn’t be spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to drum up business. When you start tailoring your marketing efforts to the clients who fit your needs, business will start booming. Chances are if you have the “perfect” client, those they refer to you will also be “perfect” clients. After all, water seeks its own level. Create promotions and referral programs that speak to this specific clientele. You’ll love the results, trust me! When your marketing efforts take a turn, you won’t have those one-time clients or the ones who sit in your chair for an hour chit-chatting when they should have only been there for half an hour, or the ones who are looking to get a $100 service for $30. You know the ones I’m talking about. Promote with the idea in mind that the perfect client will be the one seeing it and giving you a call to book an appointment. Then they will!

What’s important to you when considering who your ideal client is? Leave us a comment below and let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

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