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Tweet Like a Pro: Crafting the Perfect Tweet

Pretty much every company you can think of uses Twitter in some capacity. It’s one of the major social media sites that millions of people use every day, so it would only make sense that your business be on there too!

With all of the millions of people and brands on Twitter, how will you ensure that your tweets are seen and not simply passed over? Here are some tips I found to be helpful:

Make It Visual

Statistics show that tweets with photos made up over 50% of all engagement. That’s a massive number so apply this easy tip today and start watching your engagement soar.

Bust Out the Hashtags

Tweets with hashtags do much better than those without. On average, they get 2 times more engagement than a tweet with no hashtag. Experiment with using two hashtags in a single tweet. Research shows you can boost engagement by about 20% just by using 1-2 hashtags. However, don’t go crazy because if you go past the sweet spot of 2 hashtags, you just might see a drop in engagement and no one wants that!


Figure Out Your Ideal Times

Play around with your tweet times and then after a couple of weeks, look at your statistics and see what times gave you the most bang for your buck, so to speak. You might find you have particular times where engagement on your tweets is really high but other times where your conversion rate is through the roof. Figure out what times are giving you the biggest response and plan your tweets accordingly.

Keep it Light and Uplifting

Everyone is fighting their own battles. They don’t want to go on social media to be brought down, so keep it light. Keep it positive. You don’t want them associating negative tweets with your business so keep an eye on your message and always stay on the positive side of things. People love quotes because it gives them a new lease on life. It makes them look at things in a new way. Same thing applies here. Keep things nice, positive and uplifting and they will look forward to seeing your tweets.

Need some extra help getting started and on the path to owning this social media thing? I’ve been there and done that and now am helping others do the same! Reach out to me and I’d be happy to discuss how my successful blueprint can help your business thrive and help you live the life of your dreams.

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