Could You Be Over-Cleansing Your Skin?

Have you started experiencing skin problems? One culprit could be your skin care routine; in particular, you may be over-cleansing your skin.

As a natural barrier, your skin works to keep out certain things like dirt and free radicals (environmental pollution). While it keeps those things out, its job is also to keep the “good” things in such as moisture and certain oils. If you are guilty of over-cleansing your skin, you are ridding the skin of the all-important oils that keep it radiant, healthy and balanced.

You should definitely still wash your face every night before bed but be careful not to over wash it. You never want your skin to feel stiff and tight. Also, make sure your cleansers do not have alcohol listed as an ingredient. Alcohol is harmful because it rids skin of its essential oils. If after cleansing your skin, it feels taut or tight, take this as a sign that you are either over-cleansing or using a product that is too harsh for your skin.

Also keep your eyes peeled for rashes, acne, or any flaky, red scales (these typically appear around your scalp and t-zone). These are all signs that you are over-cleansing and need to cut it back a bit.


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