As a salon owner, it can be hard always drumming up new ways to promote your business and draw in new clients. Crafting new marketing strategies or promotions can sometimes have you jumping around from one idea to the next, trying to see what “works” and what clients respond to. 

Instead of always spinning your wheels and frantically trying to come up with the perfect promotion, try to focus on keeping things consistent. It might sound boring to you, but your clients will appreciate it and feel at ease.

Think about it…if you saw a business that didn’t have a clear focus, was always running whacky promotions, and didn’t seem to have a handle on things, you wouldn’t trust them. You wouldn’t trust that they are the experts, nor would you trust that they are giving you the best deal since you’re always seeing tons of “gimmicks” trying to draw you in. The same thing happens when you are all over the place with salon promotions. Clients don’t know if you are just out for a buck, are the leading salon in the area (because if you were, would you need to be doing all of these crazy promotions?), and they will be leery of doing business with you.

Now picture doing business with an establishment that is always consistent. They are consistent in their marketing, promotions, hours, prices, and they seem steadfast that they are the leaders in their field. You would be much more at ease and there would be a certain level of trust there right off the bat. You would feel comfortable repeatedly giving them your business because you know what to expect time after time.

That’s why consistency is so important, especially for your business.

When a customer feels you are trustworthy, they don’t mind spending money with you. In fact, they’ll look forward to it and will most likely end up spending more then they set out to do in the first place. That will mean bigger profitability and more income potential for you and your team members.

How can you increase consistency? Here are a few pointers to consider and implement:

  • Focus on quality. Give your clients a world-class experience each and every time. If you give exceptional service one time and then the next time they leave your salon less than happy, you’ve lost them. Make sure they receive exceptional service from greeting them as they enter to thanking them when they leave and you’ll have a happy, repeat client.
  • Keep your brand on point. Regardless of how you are reaching your client (social media, website, email, newsletter, business card, etc.) keep your tone the same. Maintain a professional look and keep a consistent voice across all platforms. If you update your logo or font style, do so across all channels. Provide the same experience regardless of where people cross your path.
  • Communicate with your clients on their terms. If you communicate with your clients in various ways, ask them how they would like to be contacted and then honor that. If they wish to be contacted via email, then don’t text them with appointment reminders. If they wish to be contacted only via phone call, honor that too. Always give great customer service and your clients will appreciate it.

How can you tell if your new marketing tactics of consistency are paying off? See how many repeat clients you have now. Take inventory on feedback you are getting from clients. Are your posts getting shared more than before or receiving better engagement? Remember, things can take months to show their true results. If you aren’t happy with what you see immediately, try to be patient and give it time.

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