For anyone looking to prevent hair loss, increasing circulation to your scalp is critical. If normal blood flow is obstructed, vital nutrients and oxygen are cut off from the hair follicle. Without these nutrients and oxygen, hair will not grow.

The best way to increase scalp circulation is through massage. You can massage your scalp while hair is dry or wet. Make sure to only use the tips of your fingers, not your finger nails as they can damage the hair follicle and/or your scalp. Ensure that your hair is clean and free from hair products. If you prefer to massage while your hair is wet, gently comb your hair to make sure it’s free from tangles. Then, using slow movements, run fingertips in a circular motion around all areas of the scalp.

You may also use essential oils when massaging your scalp. To do this, apply two to three drops of an essential oil (such as lavender or peppermint) to your fingertips before starting the massage. The oil will not only provide relaxation, but it will also re-hydrate your scalp.

It is important to massage for a minimum of three minutes. Anything less than that doesn’t provide enough stimulation to increase blood flow. Also, scalp massage must be done daily in order for it to be effective in preventing hair loss and promoting strong, beautiful, healthy hair growth.

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