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We know what you are thinking – between building clientele, servicing your clients, and doing your part in the salon, when are you supposed to find time to retail products too!? We can totally understand the stress you are under but we’re going to get started moving in a positive direction right now, and that begins with changing your mindset!

It’s been said that in order to be a great salesperson, you need to think of yourself as a problem solver, rather than a salesperson. We couldn’t agree more! Essentially, that is what you are doing – you are problem solving. Your clients come to you needing help managing their hair or getting it back into a manageable state, and you delivered. Now, you need to equip them with the tools needed to replicate that look at home. You are continuing to solve their problem by offering them a solution.

Did you client come in and ask for a short, wispy hairdo? Suggesting a pomade for styling will give them the look they were after on a daily basis. Was your client complaining that their hair is thinning and lacking volume? Show them the volume boosting shampoo and conditioner that you used on them at the salon. Explain the benefits of the product and showcase how it could improve the look of their hair every single day.

Remember, you aren’t trying to force products on them that they don’t need. You are simply showing them items that will give them continued success when styling and caring for their hair at home. One of the biggest worries that clients have is will they be able to get the same look when they go to style their hair the following day at home or will it look unkempt? They will be receptive to any tricks or tips you have to help them achieve their desired look once at home – this includes styling methods and products.

Picture if you were a car salesman. A husband and wife come into your car lot and tell you that their car died and they are seeking a new family vehicle that will fit all 6 of their family members. If you bring them to the pickup trucks and start showing them all the bells and whistles the trucks has to offer, no matter how cool the truck is, they won’t be interested because it doesn’t fit their needs. You are preaching to the wrong choir, so to speak. Now, if you take that family over to the minivans or SUV’s that can hold 6 passengers, they will be all ears and will start asking about various features and options. You might even make a sale that day! Same logic applies in the salon. You wouldn’t need to show someone with a buzz cut the latest curling wand. They have no need for it. Showing them the shampoo that fights dandruff and keeps their scalp healthy will yield better results in completing the sale because it’s something that suits their needs.

Your mind is a powerful thing. When you have your mindset aligned with the route that will give you positive results, progress will be made. Remember, you are solving a problem…

At Authentically Branded, when your salon consents to carrying AB products, we hold extensive training sessions on all of our hair and skincare products and teach you and your fellow staff members the art of the upsell and how to properly retail our products.

Would you be interested in learning how you can send your retail earning potential through the roof? Head over here and let us know. Simply fill out the form expressing your interest and we’ll be in touch!

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