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  • Keep key products or gift options at eye level. This is the sweet spot where products sell the fastest.
  • Utilize the color red in your displays. Red generates emotion and a sense of urgency so it’s best to use red near your hot gift items or items that are on a great sale.
  • Group items in odd number quantities. Having items grouped in of 3, 5, or 7 are more visually appealing than groupings of 2, 4, 6, etc.
  • Shine light on the featured product or gift basket that you are promoting to put them in the spotlight.
  • Price items clearly, whether it is on the product itself or on a shelf marker.
  • Utilize the senses when creating your displays. Adding in a scented oil warmer or candle and adding some light Christmas music can completely change the mood in your salon and for the better!
  • Keep your salon and products clean. It’s really easy for a salon to get dirty, dusty, and grimy because there is always so much hair hitting the ground but make sure you try to stay on top of your housekeeping. No one wants to patron an establishment that sells you dirty products and the word will get around.
  • Make your windows stand out. Your windows can be used to draw in clients and traffic from the street. Sure, someone walking past your window would take notice but you can add some bigger things to your windows to catch the eye of a passerby. Use a theme to your window for easy decorating ideas.
  • Play around with how you display your retail products. Are they displayed in a manner that makes the eye wander around your salon, taking note of all the different products? Are the products displayed in a boring way, such as lined up perfectly on a shelf? Give the client something to look at to keep their interest.
  • Set up a selfie area where clients can snap a quick shot of them with their favorite product and be entered to win that product. You could run a contest where people could vote on their favorite selfies and then that person wins the product.
  • Take lots of pictures of your displays. Not only are these great to use as a post on social media, but they will be a great reference for you in the future. It will show what products did well being showcased and what ones were still sitting there a week later. This is great information to have and pictures are an easy way to obtain it.

This is your year to shine and take your retail sales to new heights! Do you have a certain tactic in mind to increase your retail sales this holiday? Leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!

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