Wouldn’t it be nice if every time you posted something you got hundreds if not thousands of “likes” and equally as many comments? I know, a girl can dream, right? The more engagement your posts get on Facebook, the more “in demand” the Facebook gods think your page is and the more people they show your future posts to. Due to this fact, you can see why people are so crazed about engagement if they market on Facebook.

If post after post is all about the products or services you offer, people will view it as just another sales post and will quickly move on. We don’t want that to happen so we need to think of things that we can post that will be of interest to people and get them “liking” and commenting!

Here are some good ways to have balanced posts that get you noticed:


Photos and videos capture the eye much more than a post that is just text. Make sure that pictures and videos are entertaining, vibrant, easy to understand, and captivating.


Facebook now let’s you run a poll very easily. Asking simple questions are an easy way for your followers to engage with minimal effort on their part, yet it boosts your engagement which is the goal. When you pose thought-provoking questions, people may start expressing their opinion and discussing their viewpoints with others on your post. That’s great and helps build a sense of community!


Most people get excited about the opportunity to win something so why not run a contest on your Facebook page? People will follow any steps you list in the description such as, “like, leave a comment, and share for your chance to win a free pedicure at your next appointment.” When something free is at stake, people will be checking your page to see if they won and to get a feel of how many people entered the contest. Contests are a great way to drive engagement up.


There are certain times of the day when your followers are on Facebook more than others. Do you know those times? If not, check your Insights on Facebook. Knowing these times will help you determine when to post and posting at the right time will help boost engagement because more of your followers will see your latest post.


You could post every half hour throughout the day and think you are bombarding your followers with your posts. You may even think that you are guaranteed to get some boost of engagement, even if it’s a little bit because you’re posting so much. Nope. Not how it works. Make sure your posts are of high quality and then you’ll get some response. It would be better to post one really awesome, captivating post each day than 24 lack-luster posts that people skim passed.


Sometimes all you have to do is ask. Simply asking people to hit the “like” button or “like and share” if they agreed with your post or found it useful can do wonders. When people are asked to do something, they tend to step up to the plate and do it. When they aren’t, only a few will take action on their own.

Keep in mind that just because something worked for your friends business, it might not work for yours. You may have to adjust how/when/what you post to stay current and notice increases in engagement. Sick and tired of going at it with no results? Social media marketing is a beast and we can help you develop a marketing plan and take your business to new heights. Sound like something you might be interested in? Good! Head over here, fill out this simple contact form, and we’ll be in touch!

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