We’ve all seen the women with bubble like bangs…the bangs that look like they’ve been dried and rounded into the shape of a soda can. That may even describe how your bangs look after you’ve dried them. The good news is, it’s really simple to bring your look up-to-date with a few simple steps and probably a change in the brush you use.

Stop Using The Round Brush!

Round brushes can be awesome for styling and great for lift and body, but they have no place when drying or styling your bangs. Using a round brush leaves you with a very dated look. Instead of using a round brush, you will want to use a flat or paddle brush for your bangs.

How to Blow Dry Your Bangs the Right Way

  • First, start by drying your bangs before you dry the rest of your hair. Bangs tend to dry very fast and if you start elsewhere, by the time you get to your bangs they may have dried in a way that will have you wearing a hat the rest of the day.
  • As you would the rest of your hair, always hold the blow dryer nozzle above your hair so the air is coming downward.
  • Using a paddle or flat brush and the air blowing downward, sweep your bangs with the brush over to one side first then over to the other. Repeat this until bangs are dry. This step helps keep bangs straight and will work on both blunt and side-swept bangs. If you only have a round brush at the moment, just use it as you would a flat brush. Do not wrap the bangs around the barrel!

Do you have any tricks to keeping your bangs under control? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page and let us know! We look forward to hearing from you!

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