While social media has taken the marketing world over by storm, email marketing hasn’t fallen totally to the wayside. Even though people have used emails as a marketing tool since its invention, it’s still a great way to reach directly to your clients and drum up business. 

The problem occurs when people are seeing just the subject line of your email and not opening it or worse yet, your email gets sent to their “Spam” folder. How do you stop those two conundrums? We’ll give you some pointers below that will get your emails noticed and READ!

If you want to reach almost all of your target audience, create and execute a calculated email marketing campaign. You will need to be consistent and send out regular emails. They’ll find it odd if they only occasionally receive an email from you and may treat it as junk email. Also, as times progress and habits change, you might have noticed that people are using their smart phones and tablets a lot more frequently. In fact, people tend to reach for portable devices over their desktop computer. Almost ¾ of emails are reportedly opened on smart phones and tablets so for starters, make sure that your emails are compatible with those devices and can be viewed easily on them. Let’s take a look at other pointers that will move your emails from the “Junk” folder to being opened and enjoyed.


Think about your own email reading habits. When you scroll your emails, how do you decide which ones to open? First, you probably look at the sender. Make sure your salons email address is crystal clear. For example, if your salon is Adore Salon, you may want your email address to be You will have a greater chance at having your email opened if it’s clear who sent it versus an email address like Second, when choosing what emails to open you probably look at the subject lines. Make sure you grab the reader’s attention in this section. Keep your subject brief but give an enticing line like “Book Your Holiday Appt before We’re Full.” Avoid using multiple exclamation marks, the word “free,” calling out huge percentage off discounts, all capital letters, and far-fetched claims.


Just like when you are marketing on social media, keep in mind that people don’t want to feel like you are always contacting them to sell something. Only do one “salesy” email to every 5 non-pitchy emails. Your audience wants to read something light-hearted and funny. They also like to be educated, inspired, and entertained with your emails so keep that in mind. Always think about the reader and what they will get out of each email that you send.


Always start each email with a personalized greeting. Using the readers name is much more attention grabbing than a generic opening. They will also be more likely to read the entire email when you address them by name. This is an easy thing to do when you have the right software.


Ending your emails with a CTA (or Call to Action) is the perfect closer. It gently guides your clients on what you want them to do next. It could be to call you to make their next salon appointment. Perhaps you want them to click onto your blog and read your latest posting. Maybe you want them to visit your website. Whatever you want them to do, mention it at the end and direct them where to go.

With some testing and tweaking, you will surely be able to get down to an email routine where your clients are receptive and eager to read your correspondences! If you would like some help getting set up or developing a marketing campaign, reach out to us here and let us know you’d like to talk! We help businesses like yours every day and we’d love to help be part of your success story. Hope to hear from you soon!

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