We might not hear about mushrooms in the news as much as kale, but they sure have earned their status as a superfood. They are loaded with as much potassium as a banana, and also contain B vitamins, iron, and Vitamin D. New research is proving that mushrooms could be the key to fighting aging at an astonishing level.

All varieties of mushrooms produce Ergothioneine (Ergo), which is an amino acid that works as a powerful antioxidant. Ergo is super useful in our beauty routines because it strengthens and recharges cells to prevent aging in the skin and hair.

Ergo is different than any other antioxidant because our bodies produce a special delivery system that allows it to be directly transported to the areas of the body that have the biggest need. Other antioxidants don’t have that capability so they disperse all throughout the body, making them less effective.

As if the antioxidant powers weren’t compelling enough, Ergo can also help reduce stress. We’re all under some amount of stress all the time. When your skin cells are stressed, oxidation and inflammation within the cells occur, causing them to perform under par. These underperforming cells are the leading cause of aging. The powerful combination of Ergo and Vitamin D help to feed the cells, making them more productive and allowing them to better handle stress. Ergo is all about ensuring correct functioning of your cells and securing your beauty from the inside out. This is totally opposite to ingredients and products that work as temporary fillers.

Make sure to eat those mushrooms and enjoy the benefits you’re sure to see in your skin and hair! Looking for more great tips and beauty advice? Head over to our Facebook page to stay in the know.

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