6 Mistakes You May Be Making When Transitioning to Natural Hair

There could have been many factors that lead you to transition back to your natural hair – heat damage, color damage, relaxer damage, etc. – but whatever the reason, we all go through similar struggles during the in-between phase. It can really help to hear how others have navigated through the transitioning process so here are 6 mistakes that others have made, that you could be making to.

You’re Trying to Bypass the Journey

It’s important to acknowledge and accept that your hair is still relaxed while also respecting the new texture. Don’t resist the new, beautiful coils that are popping up. During this time when your hair is basically living two separate lives, you have to come up with a new plan to blend the two. Choosing a style such as a twist out or bantu knots will be an easy way to do this.

You’re Trying to Use Your Old Products

You aren’t only transitioning your hair texture, you are also making a transition in the products that you use. You will need to find a new routine and also new products that best suit your needs during your transitioning phase. Don’t be surprised when your transition is over and you find yourself switching products again. Remember, products are not a one-fits-all when it comes to texture. At AB, we have products for every texture. As you switch up your products, pay close attention to how your hair responds to various ingredients so you know what works best and what ingredients to stay away from.

You Didn’t Do the Research

As with any project you undertake, a little research can go a long way. Make sure you know what is involved in the transformation process and what your beauty regimen will look like once you have returned to your natural locks. You can always visit our blog to find great natural hair tips.

You’re Using the Wrong Tools

Relaxed hair for instance will require far different tools than natural hair will. Know your hair type and know what you tools you need to get the look you are after.

You’re Not Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning may not have been an integral part of your hair care routine before, but once you have natural hair, it needs to be. Natural hair is innately dry, so infusing extra moisture is a good way to keep it looking its best. AB’s Vanilla Deep Conditioner is a fabulous deep conditioner that can be used weekly.

You’re Not Enjoying the Versatility

If you are simply doing a wash-and-go style, you’re missing out the fun you could be having by experimenting with various looks. Have fun and play around with your new hair, it will make the transition with the while!

Have you transitioned your ‘do? We’d love to hear from you so head over to our Facebook page and let us know what worked best for you!

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