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  • Shorten your showers and ease up on the temps. We know, there’s nothing better on a chilly day than warming up in a hot bath or steamy shower but exposing yourself to hot water really dries out your skin and the longer you are in that hot water, the more damage it does to your skin. Try to shorten the length of your showers, keeping them to around 8-10 minutes and gradually reduce the water temperature so that it’s gentler on your skin.
  • Use a cleansing oil versus a bar soap. Bar soap can be very drying so opt for a cleansing oil that will help your skin keep its natural oils and lock the moisture in your skin.
  • Be picky with your moisturizer. The best time to apply lotion and moisturizer to your skin is after you’ve just towel dried after a shower. Skin is still damp and your pores are open and ready to seal in the moisture. Choose a thicker lotion during the winter months because it will add extra moisture that your skin needs so bad during these chilly months.
  • Add humidity to the air. While the furnace does a great job at keeping us warm and toasty, it also dries out the air and therefore, it dries out your skin and lips. Add some moisture back into the air with a humidifier. These are great to run during the day but are especially good to run at night because that’s when you are home and likely to reap the most benefit from the added moisture.
  • Limit how often you wash your face. When we think of washing our face, it seems to be a sin if it’s not done twice a day: once in the morning and once before bed. That may be true in the summer because we tend to be sweaty but in the winter, once a day is plenty. Washing your face before bed at night is all you need to rid your skin of the day’s dirt and grime while gently removing your face makeup before bed.
  • Add some hydration throughout the day. It’s always a good idea to rehydrate your skin throughout the day. Applying some moisture to your hands and arms throughout the day is a wonderful way to keep your skin hydrated and supple. Keep a small lotion in your purse or car so you can reapply when needed. Apply chapstick to your lips throughout the day too so that they don’t dry out and crack. Lastly, spritz your face a time or two during the day with our Restorative Hydrating Mist. It will add hydration to your face, keeping it youthful and hydrated.

Following those few simple tips will help you save your skin and lips throughout the harsh winter. What do you do to help save your skin during this time of year? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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